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Argosy Volume 1: Fantastic Frontiers

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Argosy is a revival of the classic pulp format for the digital age, publishing low-cost, quality pulp fiction in ebook format.

Volume 1: Fantastic Frontiers contains fantastic yarns from the frontiers of humanity, whether they be the old American West, the colonies of Mars, asteroid mines on Saturn's belt or worlds beyond our solar system. In this volume:

The Martian Falcon by Andrew J Lucas
A noir tale set on a Martian colony, inspired by the pulp classic The Maltese Falcon.

Marshal Jones's Hunt by James Hoffmeister
A space western on a terraformed planet about a gun-run gone terribly wrong.

Parsec Hiccup by Lancer Kind
A western style tale about a meteoroid mining camp that’s the site of a love triangle that turns into a musical battle.

Summers in the Snow by Clay Sheldon
A space western on a maglev. To say any more would give away the twist.

Kila A Tidwell (2204-2287) by Shombuddha Majumdar
A space western styled as an obituary detailing the truth behind one of the future's most important industrialist.

Falling by William Meikle
A weird western about Civil War scouts transported to a strange and terrifying place.

Last Stand of the Calaveras Kid by Cynthia Ward
A weird western where ancient magic causes two timelines to intertwine.

Valley of the Lost by Robert E. Howard
A seminal weird western by the brilliant Robert E. Howard.

Cover art by Tais Teng.

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