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For Life and Virtue

179 pages2 hours


The planet: Mars
The Time: Nearly four billion years into the past.

For Life and Virtue is a fantastic blend of Greek
Mythology, Sci Fi and Fantasy all wrapped in one.

The Marzeus family has been outcast degenerates nearly as long as they've been alive. The birth of their son, Eras and his “other worldly” features only seem to make matters worse. Outcast and different, Deshret accuses him of heralding in a famine that threatens to wipe out their entire race.

But, with his trusty sidekick, a Pegasus named BrokenWing; Eras grows to realize that he has been blessed with the gifts of the Gods.
Will the people come to accept him? Does he have what it takes to save his world?

Fall in love with the God of War, before he was “God.”
Become captivated by the Aphrodite that you never knew.

Ride with them into battle as they take on their own alien
invasions, as they become enthralled in the grips of a war of the worlds!

Filled with adventure and surprises at every turn, this book is a must

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