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Black Enigma 3: Mythical Dark Fantasy Adventure Collection

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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Chains of Darkness, Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Soulyte, The Night Sculptor, Splicers, and now... our two stories in 1 book!

Eve Hathaway's Mythical Dark Fantasy Adventure Collection

Blood Waters Part 3: The God of the Sky Serpents


The hurricane comes—and with it the awakening of Tomas's consciousness of just what he is.

He helps Mila and the others escape from the village. Unfortunately, he gets retaken by the villagers. But he realizes that he is no longer the boy he once was, nor even the young man he grew into. And that he can call upon the jungle to help him escape.

He begins to believe.

In the meantime, Mila and the others must navigate their way through the dense jungle, surviving hunger and thirst—and each other. In their struggle, Mila and Tim grow closer.

But can she truly leave Tomas behind?

Requiem for a Dream Part 3: Room of Angels


Life in his great grandfather’s manor is not going well for Judas at all. Kept locked in his room like a prisoner for “his own safety” by the mansion’s staff, this added to his determination to unlock all the manor’s hidden skeletons.

He is aided now by the lovely yet mysterious new addition to the house’s staff, Dolores Humbert. She is ethereal and kind, the only genuine friend he has found in the house and she is willing assist him. Together they begin an exploration of the mansions labyrinth in an effort to find out the real whereabouts of Judas’s missing great grandfather.

The search, however, leads him down a malevolent and twisted path, uncovering the secrets hidden in his own repressed memories. His mind is slipping and the evil of the house is rapidly catching up to him. What happened to his great grandfather? What are these terrible visions he keeps seeing? And most importantly, who is Delores Humbert, really? Is she really an addition to the servants or is she something else?

As Judas begins uncovering answer after terrible answer he realizes that he has crossed a line that he can never ever go back from. Even worse, as time passes, he finds he is having a harder and harder time distinguishing reality from nightmares.

Will he be able to face his own dark past? Or will he be devoured by it.

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