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Black Enigma 4: Mythical Dark Fantasy Adventure Collection

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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Chains of Darkness, Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Soulyte, The Night Sculptor, Splicers, and now... our two stories in 1 book!

Eve Hathaway's Mythical Dark Fantasy Adventure Collection

Blood Waters Part 4: Master of the Wild


Mila and the others navigate their way through the dense Yucatan jungle, enduring hunger and thirst. With help from fate - or perhaps some godly being - they are able to survive to get back to civilization.

While they are enduring the hurricane that hits the jungle, the same hurricane also wreak havoc on her home and nearby towns and cities. This makes her family evacuate for safety, leaving the house vacant when Mila reaches home. And she realizes that she is free to return to Boston, but only at a price: her family, and Tomas.

Is it one that she is willing to pay? And will she let Tomas go?

Requiem for a Dream Part 4: Lacrimosa


Determined to rid himself of the nightmares of his great grandfather’s manor once and for all, Judas recruits Dolores to help him with one final thing: burning down the mansion.

Together the two of them collect the items necessary to execute their exceedingly dangerous plan and put it into action. The house, however, has other plans and it needs Judas and it’s not about to let him go without one last battle.

Weak, disoriented, desperate and at the very end of his rope, Judas must fight the forces of the house as the true natures of every creature in it are at last revealed in all their wickedness. They are attacking everything he holds dear, worming into the cracks of his consciousness with lies and deceits and illusions all in hopes of winning the last thing he has of value: his own soul!

With the help of Dolores, who believes in him above all else, Judas must find the strength to resist the taunts and temptations that the house chooses to throw at him. His very soul will be tested.

Above everything else, will the final question come into play? Is he sane? Was this all really just a mere nightmare? Or were the demonic forces really at work under the guise of his ‘family.’

The board is set, the pieces are ready and the kings are now facing each other at last. The checkmate approaches! Who wins the crown?

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