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The Open Bible: The Gospel of Mark

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The Open Bible Gospel of Mark is a translation of the New Testament Book of Matthew in simple English that is easy to understand. It is produced to enable anyone to use as freely as they wish, to create video and audio recordings etc. Mark is the second Gospel and book of the New Testament, presenting short snapshots from the life and ministry of Jesus. This book like Matthew before it, the first Gospel (and like the remaining two Gospels) is a mixture of miracles and wise teachings from Jesus. Concerning miracles, among many others it includes the accounts of the feeding of the five thousand (Mark 6) closely followed by the feeding of the seven thousand (Mark 8), Jesus calming the storm (Mark 4) and Jesus walking on water (Mark 6). Concerning wise teachings, it has Mark's own version of the parable of the sower (Mark 4) as well as the teaching about rich people finding it hard to enter Heaven (Mark 10). It also includes the account of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem followed by His entering the Temple and driving out the moneychangers and Temple merchants (Mark 11). As with the other three Gospels it ends with an account of the crucifixion and miraculous resurrection of Jesus from the dead, and His instructions to His disciples to preach the Good News about Him and His Kingdom (Mark 16).

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