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Length: 212 pages3 hours


First book in the "Gone Wildly Wrong" series

Jo is a late 20th Century historical novel by award winning author Bryan Costales. This novel is presented in the form of a sequence of letters, articles, news account, diaries, and so on, each told by someone who cared about Jo Bailey. It is the combined nature of these narratives that provide a rich overview of the last part of the 20th Century and and of Jo's life.

In his novel, we learn that Jo Bailey could foresee, but never prevent, death. Eventually he accepted his ability, but not before he lost his first love, lost his wife, and lost all of his close friends. Eventually he discovered how to make money using his ability, and used that money to found the Church of Jo. Each chapter in this book is a story about a period in Jo's life as told by the people who loved him, as well as by the people who hated and tried to kill him. His story ranged from his first girlfriend who became his ghost to his eventual death in Wyoming. In between: he discovered a daughter he never knew; made millions publishing a book; was shot and wounded in the Mojave Desert; shot at in the Berkeley Greek Theater; was disqualified by the draft; and was arrested as part of a sit-in during the Berkeley Free Speech Movement. This book is a fiction in the guise of reality, a story about the last half of the 20th century, and about three mysteries, only two of which were solved.

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