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Shocking Career Secrets: Free Edition

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Note: This is the Free Edition of Shocking Career Secrets: How To Get Massive Salary Raises, Score In Job Interviews And Get A Promotion Easily
Revealed! Industry insider Ryan Firestorm will unveil 5 Career Secrets that your manager doesn't want you to know. These secrets will help you get great salary raises, get selected in a job interview, & even get a promotion easily. Here are the closely-guarded secrets that will be revealed in this never-before disclosure.
Career Secret # 1: Why would you be fired? Can you avoid the dreaded Pink Slip? And why the most-beloved perk 'Work From Home' is the surest ticket out of the company?
For the first time ever, you will be taken behind the scenes of a mass-firing (multiple layoffs). You will understand what prompts a company to fire its loyal employees (this means you). And the biggest insider secret... if you are Working from Home, why you will get laid off in the next few months. You will also learn how to protect your job & make yourself almost 'fire'proof.
Career Secret # 2: Job sites are utterly useless
Sick and tired of job hunting? Learn why job sites are utterly useless & where you need to focus your energies for a job search. This one strategy will increase your probability of getting a job from a measly 1% to a stunning 60%.
Career Secret # 3: Your experience or skills doesn't matter in an Interview!
Did you know that your experience or skills doesn't count for the hiring manager? What is the recruiter really looking for? It's this one little thing...
Career Secret # 4: Your manager doesn't care what you did the whole year
Are you surprised? Or did I confirm what you already suspected? Is everything you are doing in your job, all in vain? Not yet. This secret will tell you how to get on your manager's radar.
Career Secret # 5: Appraisal ratings and increments are your manager's headache. Here's how to force your manager to give you a fat paycheck.
There is a ton of information on salary negotiation during a job interview. What about salary negotiation during a performance review? This secret will tell you the simplest & easiest way to rate your own performance. And how to make an epic presentation that will force your manager to grudgingly give you a great rating & an excellent salary raise.

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