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The Kubic Kat

152 pages1 hour


A tale of life and love in the surveillance age

"The digiSleep did not wake him. His wife did not wake him. Instead an enormous cube of light, the size of a skyscraper dropped on his head. In fear he covered his eyes with his arms, but it did not block out the sight of the lump of solidified light descending upon him. As it fell he could feel its weight, oppressive and crushing. Yet when it came to rest, it seemed to hover right upon his nose, as light and ephemeral as a feather."

The Kubic Kat is a tale of the near future. It is a time like ours, and a place like this. But in this future everything is slightly different, slightly more repugnant, and slightly more sinister.

Only by the creation of a Kubic Kat can there be any hope for the future. But is the Kubic Kat what it seems to be? Or are darker forces secretly at work?

From the humorous beginnings to the breath-taking conclusion this book will force you to re-evaluate your preconceptions about technology, and the direction that the world is now taking.

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