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Pick-me-up, a young adult problem novel, tells a heroic story of Katelyn fighting back against the dysfunctions of her family and her friends. While she tries to live in the right, Katelyn falls into her own problems when she hooks up with a boy full of trouble and his own addictions. This rural-Iowa teenager keeps making decisions that would lead her to the same fate of her two high school dropout sisters. Katelyn fails classes, skips school, and at one point ends up with reserved seating in the Principal's office. Katelyn’s friends back away as she begins to live up to the troubled legacy left by her family. Home life proves no better. Katelyn’s dad disappears and ends up in jail, again. The fragile relationship she has with her mother nearly breaks as Katelyn is dumped with the responsibility of caring for all her older sister’s abandoned children. Katelyn gets her own pick-me-up in the form of a charming older boy with a criminal history. Her friends and scene change as she follows him back into his bad habits. Just as she keeps faith in her family, she keeps giving Tim another chance. Only after she suffers because of her misguided love does she start to take care of herself. She's able to salvage her dignity and rebound to break the dropout streak in her family.

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