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A Cowboy's Love

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Clair Jenkins is a newly widowed mother of three with no money and little food. As she is walking back from town in the snow, Charley Hampton, a cowboy from a neighboring ranch stops to help her. They get lost in the blizzard but finally find their way. The next day Charley brings them food. He asks Clair to marry him and she accepts. Charley's promise to take care of them and protect them from an outlaw named Beecher, turns out to be more than he can do. Clair's former in-laws come west to take the children from her. Charley gets bushwacked on his way to town to mail a letter to his lawyer. When they are away to attend the hearing about custody of the children, someone sets fire to their cabin. Charley swears he is going to hunt Beecher down and kill him. Instead he is captured by the outlaws and Beecher tells Charley in lurid detail what he has planned for his family. Charley has to find a way to escape to protect his family from Beecher and his cronies.

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