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Knight of the Highlander

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Colin is not who he claims to be.
His position as blacksmith of Clan Chattan is simply a cover, a means to an end. He was sent with one mission; find Jacobite loyalists and eliminate their threat. But that’s not what keeps him up at night, or what burns hotter than his forge. The most dangerous threat is one of his own making; falling in love.
Arywnn knows someone is watching her.
In her dreams he’s handsome, braw and willing to take her away from her reclusive mother and tyrant father laird. But her daydreams are a friviloty she cannot afford, not with a spy within their clan and her father promising her hand to whoever disocovers the blackguard.
A midnight meeting, a whispered kiss and a rogue English knight all change the course of destiny in a way neither could have ever imagined. Colin must play a dangerous game, but the prize is worth the risk; Arywnn’s heart.

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