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The Accidental Honeymoon

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An infamous, bad-boy billionaire offers a 21-year old young intern $10 million dollars to enter in a "pretend marriage" for one year. What could possibly go wrong?

From the CEO suite to the marriage altar, they thought they could fool the world. But when it came to the Honeymoon, the bad boy billionaire and the young intern suddenly realize that the joke was on them. A pretend marriage suddenly erupts into a full-fledged romance. "The Accidental Honeymoon" is a fun, romantic and unexpected story of what happens when love gets in the way of "the perfect business proposal."

A full-length novel.

One minute, Karin Davis was working a dead end job at a high-end retail clothing store in Santa Clara, California. The next, she is interning at Emperor Technologies - the hottest company in the world. That life-changing opportunity comes with a big string attached - she must keep a secret of a high-level company executive. A secret that causes Karin to walk on eggshells, isolated away from the gossipy interns with Ivy League pedigrees.

Karin's discreet behavior earns her an opportunity to work on a super-secret project within Emperor's inner sanctum. The overwhelmed 21-year old now finds herself working directly with Ryan Wilde, Emperor Technologies' bad-boy billionaire CEO.

With a net worth of over $20 billion dollars, Ryan Wilde is used to doing things his way. Something that gets the uninhibited CEO in increasing trouble with his shareholders. Facing consternation for his increasingly outrageous behavior, the bad boy of Silicon Valley decides to pull his biggest stunt yet - settle down in a "sham marriage" to silence his critics. The 36-year old billionaire turns his attention on "that cute, little, quiet intern." Ryan's proposal to Karin is simple, "Pretend to be married to me for one year and you'll be set for life." Now, Karin finds herself with two life-changing opportunities. And two major secrets to keep.

As Ryan and Karin plan their sham marriage, something unexpected happens - a smile, a kiss, a hot & heavy romp during their "pretend Honeymoon." Can a "fake marriage" survive a genuine relationship? Or will Karin's life-changing world come crashing down around her?

"The Accidental Honeymoon" is a 55,000 word romance novel.

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