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Another ultra-quick-read Thought Provoker from Tosin Ojumu. If God is truly at work in our midst, then we should not have to advertise our churches or our ministries. This is because the powerful impact that we have on those around us should be the only advert we ever need. Tosin Ojumu's Thought Provokers: Humorous, heartfelt and utterly honest slices of Christian wisdom for busy modern lives! Reviews gratefully received!

As the author, I have personally given out thousands of invites to churches, and conducted advertising for different church needs countless times. I have also personally received countless adverts for different churches, and up until recently it had never occurred to me that there might be anything strange about the idea of advertising a church. However, it is only when I was reflecting on certain issues that these thoughts suddenly occurred to me.

Published: Oruko Oluwa on
ISBN: 9781301113361
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