Miracle Of Witness Consciousness
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This book is about you. About your inner Self as taught by Enlightened Master Lord Shiva in the ancient treatise called Shiva Sutras. It is about knowing your Higher Self which is Light of awareness and discarding your lower self which is born out of darkness of ignorance.You are not the body, nor the mind nor the memory or the intellect. You are not the doer, nor the enjoyer and not the thinker.You are the Eternal Self (Atman), Eternal Witness (Sakshi) – of the drama of life involving the play of mind and matter. Freedom from suffering by knowing who you are not, is called Liberation (mukti). Experiencing Eternal Peace (Para Shanti), Eternal Bliss (Ananda) by realizing who you are, is called Enlightenment.
Authored by Sadguru M. Narasimha Prabhu, an enlightened living spiritual master.

Published: Atmajyothi Satsang on
ISBN: 9781301340811
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