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The Erotic Rendezvous With My Millionaire Secret Lover Volume #3 - Piloting The Captain and Rocking On The Boat (Erotica By Women For Women)

20 pages20 minutes


What you will discover in Volume #3 of The Erotic Rendezvous With My Millionaire Secret Lover...

Piloting The Captain

Mystery man leaves without warning but offers gifts to Aspen for her time. She is satiated from her exciting weekend but meets a man that she cannot get out of her mind. The Captain of her flight fancies Aspen and shows her with great regard as her experience deepens on the mile-high circuit.

Rocking On The Boat

Aspen is lavished with more gifts and another fun surprise for the end of the week. A mystery woman that is added to the menu takes her aback. The two hit it off and enjoy the start of a fun filled boat ride full of continued surprises.

Two short stories with a total of 5,839 words.
Adult content

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