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Miracle Man Collection

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Four erotic stories by Dick powers. Included are the story of a young priest learning of the world's delights as handsome thieves and gorgeous men demand his attention, a sexy learning experience at the hands of a professor for one priest, a moment of desperation that leads ot sexual salvation, and the sexy conquest of the church. There's something for everyone within.

'Miracle Man Collection' contains:

# Holy Man Purification
The world: Wild, dangerous and full of lusty, man-hungry men willing and hoping to take advantage of a careless, slim, blonde priest with not a hair of experience on his world unknowing chest. Sent into this madhouse, this priest must find his way through wild bar staff, handsome thieves and slavers to get to a city he doesn't even know the proper location of. Can Kinst find his way in the world?

# Holy Man Enslaved
Pain: it defines us. Trapped, hurt and desperate, Kinst takes a deal with the devil to escape his imprisonment only to find that the true imprisonment has only begun. The Professor - handsome, intelligent and quite possibly mad - sends him to the arms of Arch Medith under the pretenses of an orgy to steal an item that will set Kinst alight and reform him anew as the chased. Is pleasure worth this?

# Holy Man Unraveled
Desperation: A defining emotion. Kinst has nowhere to run. Cornered with no salvation in sight, he must rely on the very man who got him enslaved - the handsome catalyst of events so far - Odeth. On the run, men become close, but it is a meeting with the Professor that brings hope into their hearts. All they have to do is make the man talk (whatever it takes) and he will tell all. Or will he?

# Holy Man Deceived
Victory is at hand, but The Serpent and The Church have other ideas. Kinst, Odeth and even Arch Medith return to fight the final battle and enjoy one last tryst with the wild man hunk bar boys as things come to their conclusion in this four short story series of romance, sex and 'boys being boys antics' set in a world where sex is salvation and all love its light. Time for the climax! Ready?

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