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Jailbird: Alex Masters Series Vol. 2

294 pages3 hours


In the sequel to Dead Birds Don't Sing Alex Masters is still awaiting trial for murder after spending a year in the Bay City Jail. Her new lawyer has gotten her out from behind bars, placed under house arrest instead and put into a Work Rehab program. She's doing clerical work at the police station of all places . Her "probation" officer can monitor her movements 24 hours a day on computer through the bracelet she has to wear. Meanwhile, someone is strangling the prostitutes in Bay City, and Alex is being stalked. Cole Armstrong, now a Lieutenant on the Homicide squad wants Alex to use her connections and inside information to help them catch the strangler. Alex wants Cole and his band, Ancient Rebellion, to use some of the music she wrote while in jail. Once again they form a precarious alliance to attain their means and Alex ends up face to face with a killer one more time.

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