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Healthy Food Recipes

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This is a very complete HEALTHY FOOD RECIPES eBook 9 VOLUME series in the sense of having a recipe for anything. There will be a recipe for almost anything that you ever want to cook. Recipes given in this book are very basic. Easy to follow instructions and make you understand the secret behind every recipe. It is appropriate to say that the recipes you find in this series are the mother of all modern recipes. Secret behind every successful CHEF in this world. The understanding of basic recipes is the secret tool for creating new recipes.
You know sometimes you want to cook something differently. It is impossible for you to start thinking about cooking without knowing the basic cooking recipes. Once you come to know the basic recipes, you can create new recipes with available stuff in the kitchen.
It contains all the necessary conversion tables for your cooking made easy.
Don’t worry about measuring utensils which you don’t have in the kitchen.
Healthy Food Recipes EBook series contains 9 volumes. It contains basic recipes that are organized by food classification
Volume 1
100 OF 1000 selected Easy recipes
Appetizer, Soup, Broths, Fish dishes like baking, grilling, steaming, and stuffing for fish.
Volume 2
100-to-250 of 1000 selected
Easy Dinner recipes
50 Perfect Dinner Menus and 7 Quick meals Menu for two or more people, Arranged under headings, viz, joints, entrees poultry, game, and rabbits, fish, vegetable dishes. Quick meals for two or more people; six course meals
250-to 375 of 100 selected easy recipes
Meat and Vegetable salads
General directions for the preparation of meat dishes by various methods of boiling, frying, Grilling, Roasting, stewing etc., the recipes include Miscellaneous Meat dishes. Cold and reheated; - Meat, Poultry, Game etc.
375-to- 475- 1000 selected easy recipes
Puddings, Recipes for Steamed, baked and milk puddings, Special instructions are given for steaming puddings in the oven and stewing fruits etc.
475-to 575 of-1000 selected Easy Recipes
Cheese, Eggs and Vegetable dishes
575-to 675 of 1000 selected
Easy Breakfast Recipes
Breakfast dishes and pastry
675- to 775 of 1000 selected Easy Recipes
Breads, Biscuits and cakes- Providing variety of all tastes
775-to 875 of -1000 selected Easy Recipes
Jams, Jelly, Marmalade, bottled fruits and pickles.
875--1000 selected Easy Recipes
Sauces, Dressings and stuffing
Icing, fillings and sweet meats
50 - Easy recipes for sick people - Special free edition as bonus

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