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Boomer: The World's Best Dog

22 pages2 minutes


Come and meet the most talented and adorable dog!
See the tricks and ways of Boomer, the talented dog
This is a fun book about a child’s dog. This child is so proud of his dog and tells us all about the fun games they play together.
This book is intended to be read to children 3 – 5 years old.
Come with us and see all the great things that Boomer the dog can do in his owner’s very active imagination.

Parents' Reviews:

"Fun book with colorful illustrations of the dog and its talents " - Riku N.

"My kid loves to read this book and is now trying to make her dog learn Boomer's tricks! " - Henning W.

"A colorful fun book with the dog's tricks makes it all the more fun to read this to kids " - Chris B.

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