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StreetWise Cebu

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StreetWise Global’s Guide to living in Cebu and the Visayas is written to equip the reader with an understanding of life in the Philippines in general But Cebu & the Visayas in some detail.

There are numerous travel guides around, some of them very informative and extremely entertaining. However, this is 'StreetWise'. A guide that tells it like it really is with no punches pulled.

Some of the material discusses some themes. like 'professional companions'. Howevber unpalatable such things are to you, they are the reality in many cities worldwide, let alone the Philippines. If these subjests offend, skip those chapters and glean what you find important from the rest of the book.

We hope you enjoy the book, but above all we hope that it helps you on your journey and saves you a heap of problems. Fore warned is fore armed!

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