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Journey Through Time: A Time Travel Adventure Collection Part 2

213 pages3 hours


From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Chains of Darkness, Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Splicers and now...

Three stories in one book!


Children of Time Part 2:The Invisible Base

Kenneth and Savannah, humans from another time, have been taken – quite against their will – to the 73rd century to find a mysterious and dangerous man named Hinjo Junta. All past and future histories point to him being the cause of destruction of the human race – and of the known civilization.
With the help of the scholarly “journeyman” Unquill, a gentle giant and their guide, Kenneth and Savannah must find Hinjo before it’s too late. But when Unquill is found to have a "future" identity as an enemy, they became fugitives instead of heroes. With the Constabulary and the members of The Black Brigade in hot pursuit, the three discover they must work together. To survive, and to fulfill their destinies.
Will Kenneth and Savannah succeed in their mission to find the true Hinjo Junta? What role will Unquill play in protecting the two underlings... and in preserving a future history where humans still live and has not become extinct?

Children of Two Futures Part 2:The Underwater Factory

Savannah Proehl, Kenneth Yardrow and Unquill Hester visited Heracleion to find out what exactly is behind the murder of Imam Walid Felor, Olon Daniel, and Kaloa Syncrate. The only thing connecting these three people is their participation in a project that is supposed to make atmosphere ships capable of standing up to the Soonseen.
The Okuda Drive is perhaps the most important undergoing project, as it puts humanity on an even footing with the Soonseen. Who can possibly be trying to stop a project that will protect the Earth from invasion? There is only one way to find out—get to the center of all the events themselves.
But will they make it in time, when before they even got there, the unknown enemy has already set a plan for their destruction?
Follow Kenneth and Savannah as they find more answers as secrets unravel right before their very eyes....

The Magaram Legends Part 2:Braving the Fire

Following his obsession, his quest to find the woman that consumes his imagination, young Julio finds himself in a place unlike anything he's ever known. Battling a fierce creature again—and surviving, he felt, by pure luck again, he decides he will not be caught unaware the next time.
It has been a year since the encounter and Julio has already written off the event as a memory. He has not seen the lady again, and has accepted that it will never happen again. But on the exact date that she appeared the previous year, she appeared again.
And Julio follows her once more, but as last year, the events that follow are not as simple. Surviving another Magaram encounter, he finally realizes that everything isn't just a chance encounter. There are forces as old as the first folk stories at play. For reasons still unknown, he somehow has reached the fabled realms of the Magaram, a race of beings whose abilities and achievements are likened to that of the gods - a legendary race that till then has only existed in folklore and superstition.
When the reason is unclear and the outcome is uncertain, will he find the courage to brave the fire?

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