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Unwrapped: The Big Erotic Bundle

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Cheerleaders, sleepovers, dorm orgies, cuckoldry, adultery... first times and lots of times. Nine sizzlingly explicit stories from bestselling authors of erotica and erotic romance.

Stacey's Sleepover by Polly J Adams
When Stacey checked on her house-guest she didn't expect to find him lying there with the covers pushed aside, stark naked and clearly very aroused. She didn't expect to suddenly want him so much. The question is, what should she do about it?

The Handyman Can by Saffron Sands
When Veronica's attempts at getting her husband's attention fail and she is met with nothing but frustration, she calls in a professional. Will the handyman have the right tool for the job?

Asian Beauties by Carl East
Nathan is going to Japan to find out why the car company he works for, which is owned by the Japanese, isn't able to make the same amount of cars per day as they do. He isn't looking for romance or any kind of relationship, but boy does he find it.

Swapping Partners by Cheri Verset
Suzy is getting soaking wet while ex-con Blake is inking a tattoo between her legs. She knows she should resist the urge but after some teasing she just can't hold back anymore. But then when her boyfriend catches them in the act things can only get even ruder.

Zoey's First Dorm Orgy by Jenevieve DeBeers
After a long, hard day signing up for college classes, cute coed Zoey attends her floor's 'meet and greet' in the study lounge. But how will the other coeds respond to Zoey's idea of a good time?

The Other Woman by PJ Adams
She didn't set out to seduce him. But then she rarely does. Things just happen. His wife must hate her, of course. She was the wife's worst nightmare and the husband's wet dream.

Forced To Watch - Cuckolded By The Billionaire by Angel Wild
When Alex realizes that he simply can't satisfy his sexy, young wife's insatiable appetite, he gives her the option to bed his billionaire partner. The trouble is, Alex didn't intend for her to accept his offer so easily, and when he is forced to watch her bobbing up and down on his massive cock he knows she will never be satisfied again!

The Cheerleader and the Team by Jade K Scott
Lizzie has a huge crush on football player Kevin. When her mother is late picking her up after cheerleading practice and a creepy guy seems to be stalking her, she runs for the safety of the men's locker room, where she finds Kevin and the rest of the team.

Boom Boom in the Courtroom by Cheri Verset
As sexual tension runs high during divorce proceedings, the judge orders both parties and their lawyers to initiate an orgy. Right in the courtroom...

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