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Those Jones Girls: Melissa

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Those Jones Girls- Melissa
“Seeing Melissa again sent a shaft of anger and arousal through me. She hates me. I could see it in her eyes. And that pissed me off more. Once, she would never have dared to look at me like that. I controlled her. Even when I hurt her, I was in control and I loved breaking her down to my will. It took time but she was worth it. I never understood how she broke free and left me. That wasn’t supposed to happen. She was mine and I planned to keep her, just like I kept the others.”

... Mario

Melissa Jones has secrets that left scars, deep scars. She escaped an abusive relationship with her sanity barely intact. Now a former lover has returned and she is torn. The attraction she always felt for Sebastian is just a strong as ever, but her track record with men stops her from trusting him fully. She craves what Sebastian offers but pain from her past keep her from taking the final step.

Sebastian Lavore is finally free from a ten year favor he did for his uncle and now he wants the lovely Melissa for his own. He had one brief taste of her four years ago and has returned to fill his cup with her sweetness. Only his past in-laws have placed the woman he loves in danger. With the assistance of his uncle and his associates, Sebastian beats back the threat to his woman, before he loses her for good.

Love and hate could not occupy the same space, but they were neighbors. Close neighbors. The kind that entered your space without knocking and delved into your life without asking.

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