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January Morrison Files: The Complete Psychic Series

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From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, Ralph's Gift, and now, the complete book of the bestseller

January Morrison Files, Psychic Series

Book One : The Missing Link

January realized she can talk to the dead on the morning of her best friend's Lori's death. Her life has never been the same since then. Years after, January is forced to face her past when two FBI agents appeared on her doorstep, one a handsome, enigmatic man named Ashton Sterling presenting a case the same as Lori's.

A young girl, Lianna Morgan, has disappeared and is feared dead. But are January's psychic abilities enough when it comes to saving a life—especially if the person may still be alive? And how is she going to deal with her growing attraction to the handsome detective?

Book Two : The Matchmaker's Strings

January is once again called in by the FBI to help in another case of saving innocent victims, this time from the clutches of a criminal known as 'The Matchmaker'. But the notorious gangster who dwells on human trafficking is also very dangerous man. He may cause her losing Ash, the one man who can truly love her for what she is.

Does she have to endure seeing him die? Because the gift that helps her save lives is also the one thing that will surely drive Ash to his death.

Book Three : The Black Horizon

After the harrowing ordeal of the Matchmaker case, January would love nothing more than to forget about crime-solving and death, and concentrate on helping Ash recover from his physical and mental wounds. But they can never really evade danger as January receives a strange visit from a young child and the ghost of his father.

Soon the stakes are skyrocketing as the boy’s relationship with his father forces Ashton Sterling to confront demons out of his own past. As their investigation continues, the case threatens to destroy everything January and Ash have worked so hard to protect – their relationship, their peace of mind... even their very lives.

Book Four : Horizon's Wake

January’s investigation of a local pharmaceutical giant races to a tense conclusion as she fights to keep a dead whistleblower’s secret out of the clutches of deadly corporate criminals. Will she stand them off, save a boy’s life, and bring down the Horizon conspiracy? Or will she be defeated by forces deadlier than she can understand, endangering herself and the man she loves?

As the mystery unfolds, January is forced to face the reality of her relationship with Ash. Just when she thinks she has accepted the danger and cruelty of his job, the Horizon investigation surprises her with new revelations of fear and violence. Will January always take second place to Ash’s first love – his job?

Book Five : Terrible Angels

January and Ash go separate ways... but life and death have other plans. Before long they are forced together again by a series of bizarre murders in which the killer turns his victims into shocking works of human art. Eager to distract himself, Ash tackles the case with his usual determination, but it’s no use. The facts of the case inevitably lead him back to January, forcing the two of them to a painful confrontation.

Soon, she and Ash are at the center of the killer’s deadly game. January finds herself the lone keeper of information that can save Ash from a danger he doesn’t even know exists. Can she get to him before she loses everything she loves?

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