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The Rock Star And The Girl From The Coffee Shop 2: Under Pressure

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She's a small town girl living the dream...

Hanna Ambrose is a shy small town girl who finds herself swept up into the insane, fast-paced world of rock & roll when she starts dating the sexy-as-sin rocker, Bo Savage. While she struggles to ignore the nasty headlines featuring her and Bo in the gossip magazines the pressure is getting to her.

Enter Nadine Vessy...

After a dramatic falling out with their former manager, the band hires the dynamic and outspoken, Nadine Vessy, to represent them. Nadine's first line of business - get Hanna out of the picture once and for all! She'll stop at nothing, including digging up every dirty little secret Hanna has to make that happen.

Will Hanna and Bo's love to strong enough to survive the storm that Nadine has planned for them?

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