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Resting Places of the Rich and Famous: R.I.P

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Fred Astaire
Ludwig Van Beethoven
John Belushi
Marc Bolan
Karen Carpenter
Kurt Cobain
Judy Garland
Michael Jackson
Bruce Lee
Jim Morrison
Diana, Princess of Wales
Elvis Presley
Marilyn Monroe

Resting Places of the Rich and Famous explores the bizarre history of tombstone tourism, from greats like Beethoven or Fred Astaire, to royalty like Diana Princess of Wales; a woman whose untimely death inspired mass grief on a scale never before seen. Each article provides a brief overview of the life of the star in question, as well as a more in-depth exploration of the circumstances surrounding his or her death. It will give details of the funeral arrangements and any strange requests that were made by, or on behalf of, the deceased. It will look at the grave site itself and the wackiest ways in which fans have chosen to show their appreciation over the years. But really this is a book about celebrity, the adulation that comes with it and the damage it can do.

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