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Hidden Footprints of Unity: Beyond Tribalism and Towards a New Australian Identity

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This book is the third in the series triggered by advice from the spirit world, that the author "could contribute to building a bridge" from where he came to where he now is. It is essentially about the inter-connectedness of mankind.

It has 2 threads the relationships between the ethnic communities in Australia; and their respective searches for God, with some peering into the Void of the Cosmos. The author rides his spiritual horse to extol his ideal the Family of Man. He finds a core commonality in the major religions when dogma is divested; and expresses the hope of a revised Australian national identity, with new national icons identified by immigrants as well. He points out that the immigrants, by integrating into the nation (thus achieving unity out of ethno-cultural diversity), had re-shaped the nation into the relatively tolerant cosmopolitan people that they are now.
**Royalties will be donated in toto to Doctors Without Borders**

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