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Ten Minute Parenting

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This practical and sensible guide 10-Minute Parenting is a must-have for today's parents. Author Barbara Hair offers expert help for busy parents of children of all ages. She addresses issues from child development, parent-child relationships and situations parents experience everyday. From temper tantrums to homework she provides concise and practical tips that you need and will use each day. As stated in the book, if you do not form your children while they are young then the outside world will do it for you. She stresses the importance of parents raising kind and respectful children which in turn reaps bountiful rewards. The abundant problem-solving and parenting applications offered will prove invaluable to every parent. It contains new insights every parent and child will appreciate.
Barbara Hair is a freelance writer, children’s author and private tutor with over thirty years of classroom teaching experience. Ms. Hair earned her Bachelors of Arts in Education through Washington State University and Master’s Degree in Education from San Francisco State University. She holds a Washington State Teaching Certificate with an emphasis in elementary and early childhood education. Throughout her years of teaching Ms. Hair has presented a variety of workshops for parents and educators. Also, most importantly, she is a parent too.

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