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Danish Cuisine: Volume One

33 pages6 minutes


In this book you will find some of the best Danish recipes in complete detail. Each recipe is followed by the ingredients required and step by step instructions for the preparation of the dish.

Danish Cuisine: Volume One
Chapter One: Glazed Mushrooms
Chapter Two: Barley Soup
Chapter Three: Beet Soup
Chapter Four: Cabbage Soup
Chapter Five: Chicken Soup
Chapter Six: Mushroom Soup
Chapter Seven: Roasted Turkey Breast
Chapter Eight: Chicken Balls
Chapter Nine: Egg Lemonade from Denmark
Chapter Ten: Delicious Eggnog
Chapter Eleven: Hot Milk punch
Chapter Twelve: Red Wine Toddy
Chapter Thirteen: Hot Wedding Punch
Chapter Fourteen: Delicious Cabbage Rolls
Chapter Fifteen: Delicious Cabbage & Wine

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