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The Vampire of Siam

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Book one of the The Vampire of Siam trilogy.

Martin Larue is wealthy beyond measure. A wandering expat who has made Bangkok his sometime home, he attends film festivals all over the globe, dabbles in cinema journalism, and enjoys the finer things in life. But he is jaded and bored - and his editor thinks he needs some excitement. And so it is that, not by chance, the reluctant reporter uncovers a serial killer in the City of Angels. His subsequent article is front-page news, and leads to a visit from the murderer himself, a charming vampire called Ramonne.

Ramonne is sophisticated and worldly. In Martin he finds a kindred spirit, and an unlikely bond is formed as the reviewer becomes intoxicated by the vampire's powers. On the verge of crossing to the dark side himself, Martin is betrayed and plunged into mortal hell, from which he will ultimately learn a lesson in the preciousness of life's every moment - from a most unlikely source.

“Grand Guignol entertainment . . . good for nibbling on the beach.” James Eckardt, The Nation.

“Chilling and morbidly hilarious. Newport’s intimate knowledge of the Far East makes this an ultra-realistic journey into terror.” Pulitzer Prize nominated author Chris Bunch.

“Well-researched, engrossing, smart and sexy. A graveyard smash.” Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett, singer-songwriter: The Monster Mash.

“A compulsive read and wickedly funny.” Jerry Hopkins, author of The Doors: No One Here Gets Out Alive.

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