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Most Treasured Thankful Quotes

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When we sit down to actually think about it, leading a happy life is often not about where we travel to, or how much money we make, or what position we hold at our jobs. Life is truly a series of moments that build up to make us who we are. It is made up of those moments where people, including family, friends and even strangers, have extended their hand to us to help us in many ways. Sometimes gestures are grandiose and sometimes they are just little moments where help is given in anonymity. Either way, we are left feeling grateful and comforted by human nature.

When we set out to compile the top reader rated quotes about thankfulness, we found that our readers, friends, fans and supporters had many expressions of their gratitude, to the point that we were so grateful for their input that we deviated from our “101 quotes” premise to include even more quotes for a grand total of 123 quotes and 78 hand picked pictures about being thankful! We literally got away with being grateful and could not stop ourselves from giving our readers more than they expected.

In this edition of Most Treasured Thankful Quotes we added beautiful illustrations to accompany the quotes in the hope that they will inspire our readers to create a representation of each quote on their own. These quotes are ideal to include in a card being sent to someone who has helped you in a time of need, or a neighbor who out of the blue gave you an invaluable gift. Maybe you want to make a handmade gift on a random day to give to your child’s teacher in appreciation for all she does for him throughout the year. Business owners may find beautiful quotes to show their long-time employees just how much it has meant to have them be a part of the company’s family.

In this day and age, sometimes it is hard to remember that we should be thankful for the food on our table, our health and having a roof over our heads. We should be grateful for the people in our lives and the love they bestow upon us. In order to have a gentle reminder each day, we have organized this book of Most Treasured Thankful Quotes so it is easy to flip to any page and read a sentiment that reminds us to count our blessings and be grateful and thankful for them.

Furthermore, our illustrated pages are easy to display in a frame on your desk, or somewhere around the home to provide further inspiration. But the most important part of it is that these grateful quotes come from people like you and me, who decide to look at life as half-full and appreciate all that is in it. By looking at our pictures and reading the powerful words, we hope to give you pause and allow you the time to reflect on all good things around you.

So we are grateful for you, dear reader, who have decided to bring us into your life, and we hope you will use our quotes to express your feelings of gratitude to others around you.

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