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The Real Nature of Mystical Experience

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What does it really mean to be ‘Illuminated’ or ‘Enlightened’? Gopi Krishna writes: “I literally live in a world of light. It is as if a light were burning in my interior, filling me with a luster so beautiful and so ravishing that my attention is again and again drawn towards it.” This book provides one of the clearest and most graphic descriptions of what it is like to live permanently in this amazing state.

It also provides a clear, concise and logical exposition of the physiological mechanism responsible for Illumination, genius, inspired creativity and paranormal phenomena. It clarifies the role of mystical experience as the common thread running through and uniting all religions, and is the key to the unification of faith and science. It explains how this new faculty of perception, the next step in human evolution, will eventually become a permanent feature of the human race as a whole.

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