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Interview With An X-Abuser: From One Of The Few Who Changed

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Inside these pages is a rare interview with an abuser who was willing to see that he was abusive, own it, change it, make a mends for it with his wife, and now talk about it.

It is rare because perpetrators of Domestic Violence rarely change, unfortunately.

The interview is between therapist D. M. Sanasi and Steve (not his real name). It is candid, real, raw and un-edited. In it Steve speaks honestly about the destruction he caused in his family, the origins of his abusive behavior, and the road back from domination & abuse to compassion and emotional freedom: both for himself, and more importantly, for his wife.

This book is written in the interests of giving perpetrators an idea of what true change can look like.

And in the interests of giving victims the same idea.

Domestic Violence is a huge issue in society with research across the western world indicating that on average one in three relationships are being systematically eroded by abuse.

All abuse (whether physical, sexual or emotional) needs to stop. Our homes should be places of safety and joy. Not fear, control and pain.

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