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Tinseltown Nights

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Samuel Van Leeuwen hollywood star by day but at night it was all about the hunt. Samuel Van Leeuwen woke up in his warm bed, perfectly normal and bright-eyed. He looked out of his massive window; the tall trees in front of his Villa were swaying in the wind, the wide road that led to the beach was vacant and the ocean ahead calm. The view was pleasant, completely opposite of what it had been last night. He looked away trying like always not to think about the awful things that took place there.
He put on his crimson velvet gown and went down the stairs. The lobby was huge and deserted. In the corner stood a beautiful glass case, full of various awards and certificates. Samuel noticed there was no room for the latest he has received and wondered where Bob, his chef and the only house help, might have kept it. The front wall consisted of an enormous home theatre; the hefty couches at the centre were specifically designed to match the taste and comfort of Samuel. The back wall had pictures of Samuel at various events; he walked towards it. The biggest picture was of when Samuel received his first award; he still remembered the night and how much it had meant to him, but he didn’t wish to recall any further, and looked away towards the picture of him and Sophia from their Miami holiday. Looking at her filled him with contentment and he felt blessed again.
He started off towards the kitchen. Like all other sections of the Villa it was large, it had stuff and appliances from all over the world ready to cater to the needs of guests and celebrities who visited the place once or twice in a year. Samuel lived a very private life; he had limited friends who he preferred to meet only at certain occasions; unlike other celebrities he was not a party goer. He liked staying alone in his house. While other Hollywood actors like him had entire units of servants split into various departments to serve them, Samuel had only Bob to look after his needs because he liked doing most of the things himself.

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