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Adventurous Coworkers

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Adventurous Coworkers, Volume 10, of the Adventurous Collection of erotica by M. P. Clifton offers four short stories of women who work together. The women are unafraid to explore all aspects of their sexuality, even if they conflict with societal norms. While some of the women are hesitant initially, in the end, they embrace their new experiences.

OVERTIME - Trying to catch up from the headquarters relocation, Miriam and Barb agree to work on Saturday. Alone in the vast new office space, they sort and file stacks of client folders. At one point, Miriam asks Barb about an offhanded comment she made at a social gathering weeks earlier. Barb is amused by Miriam’s interest in her admission of once having had sex with another woman. Their revealing conversation leads to an unexpected incident, which then becomes something far more intimate.
HAIRCUT - Bonnie keeps her hair very short. Not surprisingly, such an extreme hairdo elicits both compliments and criticisms from coworkers. But, it is the surreptitious way Shelly reacts to Bonnie’s new cut that intrigues her. When Bonnie confronts her friend, first there is denial; then, reluctant admission; and finally, full confession. Only then can Bonnie understand the true nature of Shelly’s reaction and what that portends for their friendship.
ROOM 643 - Early into a week-long West Coast business trip, Lily and Allie prepare for bed in the hotel room they share. As the din of late night Los Angeles traffic outside fades and reflections of light paint the ceiling, Lily notices her travel companion in the other bed is unable to sleep. After offering some advice, Lily is surprised by Allie’s practiced remedy. Her friend’s sexual honesty is both refreshing and enticing to Lily who is now faced with a dilemma: embrace or reject what is about to happen. Her choice will define their relationship as coworkers and women.

CLARITA - Ashley and Clarita bonded while working together on a high visibility corporate event. With the launch party at the country club a big success, Ashley relaxes and celebrates the triumph with one too many rum and cokes. Luckily, Clarita is still by her side and takes command to help her friend. Clarita gives Ashley a choice; stay at my place in the city for the night or let me drive you home. Her decision brings Clarita, Ashley and her husband, James, together for a night none will soon forget.

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