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Killing Sunday

218 pages3 hours


The body of a young woman is washed up on a harbourside beach. Sydney is in the middle of a heat wave and a killer is on the loose.
Detective Inspector Nick Rimis is looking for clarity. Establishing the identity of the murdered woman is proving difficult, pressure is on for a breakthrough in a complicated art fraud case, and he just can’t shake the feeling that a suspect on a previous case got away with double murder.

Rimis’s newest recruit, Senior Constable Jill Brennan is the perfect choice to go undercover in Sydney’s art world. The problem is, the prime suspect has gone missing, and her investigations uncover more questions than answers.

Brennan and Rimis uncover a complex web of art, drugs, money-laundering, fraud and murder. What began as a straight forward case, turns into a major murder investigation with surprising consequences.

Searching for the truth can uncover more than you bargained for.

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