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The Black Swan

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Ben said. ‘Just a minute folks, but we have got to know who it took you away from the shops.’
Betty looked at Ben and said. ‘Well, Ben I don’t know who he was but he was a black man and he treated me right, but I have no idea who he was, he came to me and said that one of you had been hurt in the harbor, well, I had to go with him then as he went through the town he stopped to pick up another black man but then again I did not know him. Then they put a bag over my head and that’s when I got very frightened because I did not know what they wanted,
After about an hour someone else came and then he started to question me and said he would put me in a room full of snakes if I did not tell him what you found, well I told him nothing. Then a fourth man came and whispered something to the other man. But I could hear what he said and it was about you telling him to get me back to the hotel or you would do something about it.’
Then the one that sounded in charge said to the first two take her out onto the coast road and let her go we can’t get anything from her anyway.
So the two took me to the car and let me go. I still had the bag over my head and when I heard the car pull away. I pulled the bag of quick to try to see the number plate, but when the bag came from my head, I could see nothing it took me about five minutes to get used to the light. Then about an hour later a car came to a halt beside me and was I glad when I saw a policeman sitting in the car.’
Bob said well that’s a good ending we had better get out of your way now Ben, John we don’t want to spoil your chances.’
‘Oh no you don’t Bob you are not in the way you earn your way when we dive and do you think I would let Mary go without getting something that is, if we ever find something no sir you are on board with the rest of us ok.’
‘Well, ok Ben if that’s how you feel, but what about the others.’
‘John said. ‘There’s no objection from me or Jane you do a fine job, if it was not for you I would not get to dive as much no Bob my old dear your welcome.’
About ten minutes later, Jacob came into the bar and said. ‘Good morning is everything ok folks.’
John said. ‘Yes, Jacob but can you do something for me.’
‘All you have to do Mr John is just ask.’
‘Well, Jacob if you would, could you stay in the hotel until all this blows over.’
‘That’s no problem, Mr John no problem at all.’

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