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The Spa Murders

254 pages4 hours



The CEO of a large corporation is smothered in an herbal wrap in the luxurious company Spa. A second executive is murdered in a steam room. A third is attacked in the sauna and left for dead.

Detectives Bricker and LaCount investigate a host of suspects: the CEO's abused wife and daughter, his mistress, disgruntled employees, even the spa manager and her lover. Two stings set up to capture the killer fail. Can the detectives stop this murderous spree before more deaths occur?

Lead Detective Bricker, yearning for his former life with ex-wife and teenage daughter, has shut himself away from possible romance. But meeting pretty Fern Nichols and her charming little boy during the investigation just may change all that...if he can only look to the future instead of dwelling on his past. Meantime, there are murders to solve.

Thinking of getting a massage at a sumptuous spa?

Reading THE SPA MURDERS may change your mind.

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