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Journey to Raw: 52 Weekly Changes to add more raw to your diet

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Journey to Raw is a book that will transform your life.This journey will take one year;the year is broken down into 52 small weekly changes which will help you to add more raw/live food into your diet.You may be asking yourself “why would I want to eat more raw foods.”Here is your answer:

Weight/diet.We live in a society obsessed with losing weight.If you look around, you can see that diets are not working.If you want to be your ideal weight you need to eat more raw food.The amazing thing about eating raw food is that your body balances out. If you are too thin, you will start to look healthier and if you are too heavy, you will start to lose weight.This losing of weight will continue until you are at your ideal weight.You do not have to be hungry ever, in fact you can eat all day long with this method of eating and your body will just balance itself out.Simply amazing!

Never worry about calories again! Personally,I eat and eat all day long.Every morning I weigh myself and every morning I weigh the same to the tenth of a pound.Another benefit of eating mostly raw is that your taste buds sharpen.Each morsel of raw food has so many flavors, you will love to eat and lose weight at the same time.You will have the best of both worlds.And the amazing thing is that you will lose your cravings for unhealthy foods.That sugar addiction just goes away by itself with no effort on your part!

Beauty. Eating more raw foods will make you beautiful! Aging signs begin to disappear, wrinkles become softer,cellulite starts to fade and your skin will glow.When I first began the raw lifestyle,I started receiving compliments within two weeks.I was asked about what I was doing because others could see my skin changing.After a few more weeks eating raw,skin problems begin to go away and acne just disappears.When you wake up in the morning you will look great and you will need less make up.

Your hair will grow quicker and it will be much thicker.And your hair will shine just like the models on TV!Your nails will be stronger.Chipping and breaking of nails will be at a minimum.

Energy. In our busy lives we often say that we need more time.Eating more raw food will give you more time.You will need less sleep since your body is able to digest raw food easier than cooked food.Your body isn't working so hard digesting food which gives you extra energy for other things.I read about a woman who wanted to write a book;she was a young woman with small children who had formerly eaten a raw food diet but had moved back into the cooked food world.She changed back to raw food so she would have 2 more hours in her day to write her book!

Wellness. At healing centers throughout the country, a raw food lifestyle is advocated to allow your body to heal itself. Disease within the body starts to repair with more raw foods in your diet. Brain function improves, memory will be sharper and the fog some of us experience with aging will go away.

Learning. Learning new things is exciting and makes life worth living. This journey you are embarking on will give you plenty of opportunities to learn new things. You will learn about new foods, discover super foods and find out you can eat chocolate and lose weight.

Make a Difference. With the information you will learn over the next 52 weeks you can be an inspiration to others. You may even save someone else’s life; you may even save your own life. You will live longer! So commit to making one change per week moving into your new life!

Journey to Raw makes it easy to begin a raw food lifestyle. With just one change per week, you will gradually add more raw food into your life. And you will quickly start seeing the benefits of eating more raw food!

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