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Ramonne: The Return of the Vampire of Siam

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The Vampire of Siam is back — with a vengeance

Martin Larue’s blood-soaked encounter with a 175 year-old vampire has left him a changed man. For twelve months he donned the orange robes of the monk and studied the teachings of Buddha.

His transcendent nirvana is shattered by a police lieutenant who seeks his help in tracking down a killer — a killer who drains the blood of his victims.

The vampire, Ramonne has returned. Once again Martin reluctantly leads the search for his destruction.

What people have said about The Vampire of Siam

"Chilling and morbidly hilarious. Excellent characterisation. Newport’s intimate knowledge of the Far East makes this an ultra-realistic journey into terror." Pulitzer Prize-nominated author, Chris Bunch

"This is no ordinary vampire story. Setting the tale in the modern-day Bladerunner city that is 21st century Bangkok makes it a natural for the big screen." Jeff Apple, Hollywood producer of The Recruit and In the Line of Fire

"You would have thought that Stephen King or Anne Rice had filled this niche, but they haven’t." Bangkok Post

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