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Bet On It

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Dawn shied away from adults. It meant she would have to chat. There was no need for anyone to delve in to her past or her present. Besides, if they did get to know Dawn, they would not approve of her career. Dawn met Ben when she went down to the beach. He was a youngster all of thirteen. Little did she know that his father was a single parent. Soon enough Carter and Ben took her out. Carter and Dawn’s relationship soon blossomed in to more than a friendship. They didn’t discuss Dawn at all. He was the detective and could find the information if he really needed to know about her past. Until the day that Dawn felt she had to tell Carter what she did for a living. He was shocked and horrified. He immediately left. He didn’t see Dawn for quite a while. She seemed to be dodging him rather well. Until her birthday. The family pushed and prodded. Carter soon decided that he needed Dawn in his life. Life wasn’t the same without her. But what was Dawn’s little secret?

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