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Rosetta, a beautiful young senior, energetic and active her whole life, prepares for and undergoes a full knee replacement. And moves, literally and figuratively, slowly through the process of recovering her mobility, seeing how her husband Arturo cares for her til she is well, and reflects on her years leading to where she is in life now.


"Rosetta" is the second work in my love / romance series of novellas and novels entitled "A Love Story."

Third in the series, "The Children," is now available.

The family's story then continues in "Slumming in Paris."

The Children's younger characters are also highlighted in a prequel-series of four short
stories, "The Children (Shorts)" : "The Concert" - "Art Day" - "At the
Beach" - and "Slumber Party."


Below is a little more about "Rosetta."

Relationships, love, and romance, are all part of each book, and in this second addition, the very frequent and important factor of having a major surgery, and how it impacts a relationship is explored.

The storyline in "Rosetta" overlaps the first book for about the first third of the book, providing interesting compliments and contrasts to Arturo's point of view of their meeting and other events, in "The Old American Artist..."

After that point, and especially after Rosetta's total knee replacement, the process of recovery, physical and emotional and mental, is explored through the first five weeks after surgery.

Rosetta and Arturo have been together for over thirty years. Will he be able to care for her 24/7 after her week in the hospital? Cooking, cleaning, bathing, laundry, being a companion? And what was that first week in the hospital really like?

Things do change in life, including love. But will their love change in a way to allow them to be the people they felt they were with each other before the recovery from such a major surgery? Or let their relationship at least evolve into something they still both value?

Well, this is a romance. And things do tend to end with the feeling of happily ever after. ;-)

The question is how will this happen to a couple with such a long history? And where will this leave them in their decades of history? And how will this lead into the next part of "A Love Story" series? - "The Children."

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