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Love with Honor

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Terris Brodie always thought that the end of high school would mean the end of life's social dramas, but when he comes out only a few days after graduation, he finds out how wrong that assumption was. Suddenly it feels like his parents hate him, and his ex-girlfriend doesn't understand what he's dealing with. That same day, Terris' older brother, John, comes home from Iraq, scarred and partially blind, and Terris knows he's not the only one with troubles to cope with. John then introduces Terris to Mitch, the man who saved his life and who trusted John with the truth of his own sexuality. Both soldiers are fighting PTSD, and they and Terris form a mutually supportive group. But as something more serious forms between Terris and Mitch, Terris learns that there is much more to Mitch than he had thought. The secret he's hiding is bound to come out, and when it does, life will get complicated.

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