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In Los Angeles the question on everyone’s lips... “Who is the Invisible Assassin?” The elusive hit man who has the authorities baffled, the general public intrigued and the local gangland highbrows hiding behind razor wire and hi-tec weaponry.

With the city’s second most powerful crime family slaughtered, Joshua Grenire is pressed into action by his mentor, Max Barlow: hunt and kill the assassin. Though burdened by social inexperience and the crushing responsibility of his mission, he is at the same time buoyed with child-like wonder at the prospect of finally interacting with ordinary people.

Once in L.A. Joshua infiltrates the Durant crime syndicate and acquaints himself with the mobster’s spirited civilian daughter, Genna Delucio. He finds himself breaking one of the rules by falling for the girl. While after nightfall he searches coldly for the assassin, during daylight hours he steals time to explore the simple rites of passage that long-term seclusion has denied him.

In a modern society blood-stained with intolerance and prejudice, street violence and contract killing, Invisible Assassin is a story about love and innocence struggling against the corrupting nature of power.

“Good story and good read, well-managed conclusion with all the right things happening in the right order. The characters were fresh and thought-through and although the 'they live among us' notion has been done before, the setup and the back-story were persuasive and felt newly-minted. I really liked the idea of the Wolfkind community living like the Amish or the Moravians, the whole moral-responsibility issue of their attempts to contain their 'virus', and the destructive nature of the religious guilt Barlow uses as a tool. Nice that Barlow did what he did for the best, but harm still came of it... quite a subtle and truthful-feeling outcome.”....... “I was impressed by the ending, which was very sure-footed and, as I've said, hit all the right notes in the right sequence.”

Stephen Gallagher, best selling author of White Bizango, Red,Red Robin and The Boat House.

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