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Through the Veihl

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He was her savior.

Cael Leandros will stop at nothing to keep her alive, even if it meant spending an eternity of pain in Tartarus. Possessed by one of the four Horsemen and host to a Prime power of the gods, he’s known his fair share of torment.

She would be his salvation.

Makeanna Graelyn isn’t sure whether she can trust him or not. He beckons her closer just to push her away. One thing she does know: she would sacrifice anything to to free him: her people, throne, Prime, power, and even her life.

But can she defeat Death itself to free him?

In the midst of preparing for war against the man who wants to enslave Atala, the human realm, and the gods, can Mac find the strength to raise an army, retrieve the golden apples for Hades, and free Cael from his demon?

Will they fall prey to their own desires and find strength in one another, or will they let the world burn?

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