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Star Challengers Trilogy

551 pages10 hours


June Scobee Rodgers Presents
The Star Challengers Trilogy Omnibus edition

After an exhilarating field trip at the local Challenger Center, JJ Wren and her friends are hand picked by the mysterious Commander Zota to become Star Challengers—sent into the future on special adventures to a moonbase, a space station, and the asteroids. Their mission is to learn high-tech skills . . . and save the human race from an imminent alien invasion!

“It’s the next best thing to being there.”—Neil Armstrong

“Space exploration is a great adventure that benefits all man–kind. The Star Challengers books inspire young readers with that sense of adventure, introducing them to a universe of exciting possibilities.”—Buzz Aldrin

“The Star Challengers with their Commander Zota ‘boldly go’ into the future to bring great science fiction adventures to their readers . . . what a wonderful way to expand young imaginations.”—Leonard Nimoy

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