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What Comes After Dessert? (A Pregnant & Lesbian Erotica Short)

22 pages19 minutes


Five months into her pregnancy, Lindsay was stressed out after being unable to locate the father of her unborn child after a one-night stand. It was only compounded by the hormones leaving her craving ice cream like there was no tomorrow. She needed to relax.

It was then that her best-friend and neighbor, Andrea, showed up with movies and ice cream in tow to do just that. Of course, once the movies ended and the ice cream was all gone, there was nothing left to help the pregnant twenty-five year old relax with...that was, except her own body.

Read on in this [5,000+ words] erotic short story as Andrea helps Lindsay relax by bringing her sweet release after sweet release. First in the living room and then the bedroom, until their bodies were glistening from the sweaty and steamy effort! A bonus excerpt is included as well!

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