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Dwarf And Dragon

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In the Kingdom of Dragons: Dwarf and Dragon Book 2
Dragon blood transforms Thorne from a farm girl into a Warrior Goddess. But she and her small band cannot defeat the Dwarf warriors when they return to reclaim their ancient realm. Thorne must save her home and people, along with an orphaned baby Dragon she vowed to protect.

On the battlefield, Thorne’s mystique and courage captivate their leader. The Dwarf Lord defeats her. But he agrees to spare her people and the baby Dragon if she weds him. Thorne wants neither marriage nor children, but must either marry the Dwarf Lord or betray her followers, lose her home, and watch him kill the baby Dragon.

In this sequel to IN THE KINGDOM OF DRAGONS: ROSE AND THORNE, Thorne must face her greatest fears: surrendering her independence, dying in childbirth, and losing her humanity to Dragon blood.

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