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America One - NextGen (Book 5)

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Ryan Richmond has dreamed about going to space since the age of seven. Reading space updates—and seeing pictures of Neil Armstrong on the lunar surface in National Geographic—was the ignition of this dream.

At nineteen he sold his first company and employed the remnants of the Russian Space Program, three of the best space brains in the world. In his twenties he founded and sold two more companies and hired the most outstanding scientists and engineers from the European Space Authority. During his thirties, after selling his third company, he invested heavily in Internet start-ups, like Google, netting billions. Then he patiently waited until NASA’s shuttle program came to an end and contracted the best brains in the U.S. Space program, and went to Space.

In the final novel of this series, Ryan Richmond and his astronaut crew aboard AMERICA ONE are aging, and the next generation of astronauts will soon take over command.

Ryan Richmond is now in his fifties, has angered, fought with, and shot at many of the World’s most powerful countries from Space, and is still not welcome in the Northern Hemisphere. The ship’s final return will be welcomed though at their new home in the Southern Hemisphere, but it will take the entire crew at lot of planning to make their journey from Mars to Earth.

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