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Instead Of School: The Alarm Clock Diaries Vol. 1

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I undressed, put the gown on, and sat back in the chair. Within a few minutes he knocked and entered the room with a nurse. She’s carrying a lot of foreign looking tools and lays them on a table next to a lot of other weird shit. I feel like I’m in Science class with all the shit they have over there. “Hey, what is all that for.” The doc turns around and goes over each item and what it’s used for. The nurse is standing there quiet, as if she too was wondering. I’m sure she knows. She’s just so quiet.

“Okay Trixie, I‘m going to have you sit up on the table while I do a series of exams.” He first looked in my eyes, ears and mouth. Felt around under my jaw and neck area, and listened to my breathing. So far so good. He then tells me to lay back on the table so he can feel and listen to my stomach. As soon as he does that, he opens my gown further and tells me he’s about to perform a breast exam and that I should do these myself once a month around the time of my period. I look over at the nurse and she’s still just standing there staring while he does everything.

Now he sits down on a stool and pulls out the wing things at the end of the table and asks me to scoot all the way to the edge. I tried to get as close as I could but thought I’d fall off. He keeps saying a little more and the nurse says yeah right there...

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